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My first-hand account of the Palestinian divestment conference at the U. of Michigan

:: Saturday, December 07, 2002 ::

Can we play you every week?
So goes a chant by English soccer fans whose team consistently dominates another one. I wish it were true for Kentucky playing North Carolina, as the Cats pounded UNC 98-81 today in their third consecutive whipping in that series over the past three seasons. After a so-so first half, UK had a sublime second half, helped as well by Carolina's bad shot selection and rank incompetence on defense. Good work by the Cats in a very satisfying win.
7:04 PM
:: Thursday, December 05, 2002 ::
This is begging for a Fisking
I am not making this headline up: Mideast envoy Moratinos threatens end to EU relations with Hamas.

Let's get to it. According to Moratinos:
"Hamas has been identified as a terror group by the European Union but there is a dialogue with its political arm, which is backed by Syria, Iran and part of the Palestinian Authority."
So they've been "identified as a terror group"--doesn't that imply that they might not actually be one? And is there really no co-operation between the "political wing," which presumably only talks about killing Jews, and the military wing that actually kills them?
"Hamas faces a clear choice between the Turkish model, of democratic Islam, and the Al-Qaida model. If it chooses the second model, the EU will cut its ties, drop out support and end our aid to it."
IF it chooses the second model? What would it have to do to convince Moratinos that it hasn't already done so? Kill a WHOLE LOT more Jews with the money that the EU is giving it? And thanks for admitting that you're giving support and aid to Hamas. At least you're more honest than the Saudis.
Moratinos added the EU "has reached the conclusion that there can't be any dialogue between the sides while terror and suicide attacks are taking place in Israel."
When did they reach that conclusion? And what was it that convinced them? I guess it must not have been the Oslo agreement, signed more than 9 years ago, in which the Palestinians pledged to renounce "terrorism and other forms of violence."
Moratinos also said that if all the Palestinian factions declare a cease-fire and there is an absolute end to the terrorist attacks, the Israeli peace camp has a chance of being strengthened in the coming elections.
Of course this is the real problem with terror--it hurts the peace camp in the Israeli political landscape. Nothing else is wrong with suicide bombing. After all, Hamas might become a democratic, non-terrorist movement. Sheikh Yassin and all his colleagues who organize and glorify child sacrifice and mass murder are just misunderstood Ataturks.

Ladies and gentlemen, the EU, the most "honest broker" out there in the Middle East. Much more sophisticated than those stupid Americans.
1:35 PM
Heat-sensing chairs and Germans, lots of Germans
My brother and I went to the SF Museum of Modern Art on Sunday, where there was some excellent stuff as always. There were some modern gadget designs on display, like this heat-chair that I didn't get to sit on. There was also a big exhibit of pictures by August Sander, a prominent 20th century German photographer. They're all portraits of German people from different walks of life, organized by groups in a sort of medieval guild way--farmers, musicians, athletes, revolutionaries, etc. Despite the fact that his son was jailed for resisting the Nazis and died in prison, there were several of his pictures of party members, including an elite SS man who was one of Hitler's bodyguards.
1:32 PM
:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ::
Hey, there are real people in this here blogosphere
I had nice conversations here in the Bay Area with a couple of fellow on-line freaks, Andrew Lazarus and Stefan Sharkansky. Not surprising that they would both be interesting to talk to, as both of them studied math in college or beyond.
12:12 AM

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