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:: Thursday, December 18, 2003 ::

Good news
I'm glad that a US court is now rejecting the administration's "enemy combatant" policy for US citizens. I have no problem with the argument that national security-related cases might require some special arrangements that are different from ordinary criminal trials, but there's just no way that a US citizen should be held indefinitely without any charges being brought against him, and with no access to speak to anyone about it. That shouldn't happen for anyone, really, but it's simply un-American to think that the US government should be able to keep one of its own citizens locked up without having to follow any procedures related to bringing charges against him.
12:56 PM
:: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ::
Return of the King
I saw it at one of the early shows today, and what can I say but wow! I've never been so overwhelmed by any movie in the theaters. It's exhilirating and draining at the same time. I've never read the books, so I wasn't quite sure what people meant when they said that the battles in The Two Towers would seem small by comparison to the ones in this movie, but they were absolutely right. And I already thought that Helm's Deep was as good as any movie battle I'd ever seen--it's definitely in second place behind the gigantic battle in this movie!
7:41 PM
:: Monday, December 15, 2003 ::
Cat blogging, Kentucky style
That would be centered on the mighty 'Cats of college basketball, who are #1 in the country in one of the polls this week. Hopefully they'll stay on top for longer than the three other teams who lost immediately after becoming #1 in each of the last three weeks. I was very pleased with their win at Michigan State a couple of days ago, although the complete lack of any effective bench is kind of worrisome. Still, I like the way they're playing, and I think it's going to be another great season.
10:56 PM
:: Sunday, December 14, 2003 ::
Great to hear that Saddam's finally out of commission, and captured alive, too. I wonder who "shopped" him? Surely some brave locals must have given out some very valuable information on his location.

Let's not pretend that this is going to solve a bunch of things, or that we suddenly have the trappings of an effective Iraq policy. On this very same day, a suicide attack west of Baghdad killed almost 20 people, and grabbing Saddam surely isn't going to stop more attacks like that from happening anytime soon.

But, of course, capturing Saddam is teriffic news for people all over Iraq, and surely a great morale boost for US and coalition forces. Those are two big reasons to smile.
10:26 AM

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