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:: Wednesday, July 07, 2004 ::

The face of positive campaigning
Quick, which 2004 Democratic primary candidate said this, about a year ago, with regards to Bush's economic policies:
Make no mistake: this is the most radical and dangerous economic theory to hit our shores since socialism a century ago. Like socialism, it corrupts the very nature of our democracy and our free enterprise tradition. It is not a plan to grow the American economy. It is a plan to corrupt the American economy and shrink the winners’ circle.
Whoa, that's pretty hard-hitting (naturally, I loved it). The wild-eyed Bush-hating Howard Dean must have said it, or some other nut like him.

Actually, as I found out at the time in this William Saletan article, it was John Edwards. The "sunny-faced," "optimistic," "doesn't-go-negative" candidate. Now, I'm sure he's not going to go that over the top in the general election campaign, but it certainly speaks to his political skills that he's been able to avoid the media narratives of crazy/extreme/lunatic Bush-hatred that stuck to Dean, who actually never said anything as tough on Bush as that Edwards quote. I referenced it frequently last fall on various liberal blogs, when some Deaniacs were constantly labelling every other candidate in the race as a cowardly Bush-appeasing wuss.

That whole Edwards speech doesn't seem to be available on his campaign site anymore, which has merged with the Kerry website, so here it is from the Google cache.
12:41 PM

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